Three rolls of braided elastic cord in white, pink, and light green

Elastic Cord

Our round Elastic Cord is a braided cord of cotton, nylon, polyester or polypropylene and comes in diameter ranges of 1/16” to 1”. The 1” round elastic cord is so strong and the load rating so high, you can hardly stretch it. Elastic cord can be tipped, cut to length or ordered on spools. Our nylon braided elastic cord is compliant to military specifications. Heavy duty styles of braided elastic cord (constructed with nylon and neoprene rubber) conform to FMVSS-302 specifications. When deciding on what type of elastic cord to buy, you need to consider the application for its use.

Any of our elastic cords can be special ordered using a “cold weather rubber” that will not break down in extreme temperature conditions. This has been government tested to 40 degrees below zero and lasts 6 times longer than standard latex rubber.