For military, heavy-duty, commercial and apparel manufacturing, woven elastic is the premium, most durable choice for a wide range of applications. It doesn’t snag when abraded and it won’t get narrower as it stretches over time, giving it a great reputation for long-lasting, reliable elasticity without sacrificing durability. Elastic Cord and Webbing, Inc. is one of the top woven elastic manufacturers in America and provides manufacturers with a wide range of woven elastic options customized to their needs. For example:

Cotton Woven Elastic

Cotton woven elastic is a premium flat elastic that is in heavy demand for clothing and footwear manufacturers. Its weave is dense, smooth, soft and durable. It can also be used for high-end housewares and furnishing applications that require flat woven elastic.

Polyester Woven Elastic

Polyester woven elastic is also extremely durable and useful in a wide variety of applications where stretch and durability are essential. The polyester woven elastic is also less expensive and a bit shinier and not as absorbent as the cotton woven elastic, but is still every cost-effective in most applications without sacrificing quality. We have standard polyester and texture polyester options available.

Customization options from your woven elastic manufacturers:

We’ve become one of the most in-demand woven elastic manufacturers because we are able to customize quantity, bulk orders of woven elastic for the needs of our clients, including clients who need orders according to military specs. We have woven elastic widths ranging from ¾-inch to 12 inches, with many measurements in between. We also include stretch ratings between 40 percent and 115 percent. We can custom dye woven elastic and also carry the following standard colors: White, optical white, black, black/white, blue/green, blue/gold and green/gold.

To discuss your needs for bulk woven elastic options and customizations, please contact Elastic Cord and Webbing, Inc. today at 847-844-4122. We can help you discover the type of flat elastic that will best suit your manufacturing project.