Companies who manufacture products that will go through very rigorous demands when in use, have special demands for the materials used in their products. Just one of the criteria manufacturers need to consider for nylon webbing material used for straps on backpacks, tactical gear and cargo strapping is “tensile strength”.

The tensile strength measurement describes how much weight the nylon webbing material can hold before it breaks—its weight-carrying limit, in other words. Elastic Cord and Webbing, Inc. displays a tensile strength rating on all of its bulk nylon webbing products.

So, if you see a tensile strength measurement on a selection of nylon webbing that says #900, this means that particular width and thickness can withstand a 900-pound load before it reaches its breaking point. We carry bulk nylon webbing material up to 7400# tensile strength with many limits in between, including:

  • 250# (250-pound limit)
  • 635# (635-pound limit)
  • 700# (700-pound limit)
  • 875# (875-pound limit)
  • 900# (900-pound limit)

Bulk Nylon Webbing Material

Outdoor gear manufacturers rely heavily on bulk nylon webbing because it has the longest life expectancy, the best tensile strength and a very high melting point (so it can withstand extreme temperatures). Our nylon webbing can also withstand the rigors of all sorts of climate and weather conditions without deteriorating. It also discourages microbial growth because it does not absorb moisture as readily as other materials like polyester.

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