Binding & Twill Tape

Several rolls of binding and twill tape in multiple colors

Binding tape is most commonly used for aesthetic purposes in creating a finished edge on fabric as well as serving as a protection for raw edges of material. Uses for our binding tapes and twill tapes include apparel, luggage, packaging, furniture, carpet and other uses. Matching fabric yarns in the apparel market usually dictate the choice of binding tape used. This is to ensure consistent cleaning instructions for the garment.


Our inventory of binding tape includes cotton tape, nylon tape, polyester tape and polypro tape. Stocked colors are natural, white and black but can be special ordered for a custom dye color to meet your needs. Widths range from ¼” up to 6”. We have options of lightweight up to heavy weight belting in cotton, and up to medium weight in nylon and polyester.

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