Automotive Webbing

Made from high-strength materials, automotive webbing is known for its durability and exceptional break strength. Automotive webbing is commonly used for commercial seatbelts for go-carts, golf carts, and child safety seats. Learn more about materials used in automotive seatbelt webbing and the importance of the FMVSS 302 classification.

Commercial Seatbelt Webbing

Materials used to make seatbelts should demonstrate safety and reliability; materials made from artificial fibers offer the strength and durability that seatbelt applications require. Synthetic fibers, polyester and nylon, are known for their stability and toughness. These materials have low water absorption and won’t weaken when exposed to water or moisture. When woven into a tight-knit pattern, synthetic nylon and polyester provide maximum durability.

High-Strength Polyester & Nylon Automotive Webbing

Various factors determine the strength of polyester and nylon seatbelt webbing options. The dimensions of automotive webbing materials can offer enhanced safety features. Wider, thicker nylon and polyester seatbelt webbing provide additional break resistance and reduce the risk of injury.
Elastic Cord & Webbing offers polyester and nylon automotive webbing in various widths and stretch ratings to meet the needs of your application, including materials rated for FMVSS 302.

FMVSS 302 

This rating for materials adheres to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 302, Flammability of Interior Materials. Applied for a strict standard of material burn resistance, this test is performed for materials used in the occupant compartments of cars, trucks, and buses. We have nylon and polyester automotive webbing meeting the FMVSS 302 standards for flammability.

Elastic Cord & Webbing is Your Source for Durable Automotive Webbing

At Elastic Cord & Webbing, we have high-quality nylon and polyester webbing for reliability in automotive applications. Our inventory includes seatbelt webbing options with strength characteristics and FMVSS 302 standards that meet your requirements at cost-effective prices. Contact us with questions you have or request a quote today.