Material for Military Applications

Military applications utilize varied elastic and webbing materials across different operations. Durable and lightweight, mil-spec materials offer multi-purpose solutions for military and defense applications. There are various uses for elastic materials in the military and defense sector; our selection includes military specs for narrow woven fabrics, including round and flat elastics, binding tapes, and webbings, in both synthetic and cotton materials. Our extensive inventory goes from thin and flexible to thick and stiff with applications for parachute accessories, safety belts, bomb hoists and slings, tie-down equipment, digital print, and IR-spec tape. All of our military webbing and elastic is proudly Made in the USA and Berry Compliant.

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Military Specs Available

In applications designed for equipment transportation, securing personal gear, and storing emergency rations, among other uses, elastic material for military applications offers varied solutions. We carry military specs for flat elastics, braided cords, webbing, and binding tape. Understand material properties and potential military applications of elastic material for military and defense applications.

Flat Elastic Mil-Spec

  • MIL-W-5664: Made of Berry-compliant nylon materials, this military spec commonly indicates elastic material used for personal gear like pouch holders, goggle straps, gloves, and gas mask face pieces.

Braided Elastic Cord Mil-Spec

  • MIL-C-43701: A glazed cotton elastic material for military and defense applications. MIL-C-43701 is excellent for general-purpose elastic uses, and features increased abrasion resistance.
  • MIL-C-5651D: Featuring a single braided cover and available in polyester, glazed cotton, and cotton materials, MIL-C-5651D is a shock-absorbing elastic cord material. This specification is often used in parachute packs, equipment cradle mounts, and airship valve control lines.

Webbing Material Mil-Spec

  • A-A-55301: Durable and rugged, this Berry-compliant nylon webbing is used for military apparel applications like ammunition pouches, blade sheaths, as well as backpacks, and luggage.
  • MIL-W-530: A cotton webbing option, MIL-W-530 is ideal for general-use straps such as lashing straps, safety harnesses, slings, tie-downs and restraints, straps, and handles. This military spec material is also suitable for pet products and parachutes.
  • MIL-W-4088: MIL-W-4088 is a widely used, versatile, nylon military spec material. This military specification is found in parachute harnesses, cargo netting, straps, carrying handles, and personal applications like backpacks and tactical vests.
  • MIL-W-17337: This military spec indicates load-bearing nylon with exceptional durability and toughness. In military and defense applications, MIL-W-17337 has many uses, including straps, slings, pack loops, rigger belts, PALS webbing, MOLLE webbing, adapters, tactical gear, and heavy-duty outdoor applications.

Binding Tape Mil-Spec

  • MIL-T-43566: Made of cotton materials, binding tape MIL-T-43566 is compliant with Berry and IR regulations. Common military and defense applications for this military specification material include various straps and suspenders.
  • MIL-T-5038: Made of Nylon, a high-quality binding tape MIL-T-5038 is Berry Compliant. It is used for finishing edges on military bags and cargo equipment.

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