Cord & Loops w/Barb, Ball, Knot, Clasp & Upin Attachments

All of our cord is available as either an elastic cord or twisted cord. There are 5 closures to choose from: barb, ball, knot, u-pin or clasp. None of our elastic loops are detachable from their closure. The most accurate way to measure the elastic loops to determine the finished loop size is to measure from the attachment to the top of the stretch loop.

Some samples of these assembled attachments:

  1. #8 Elastic (standard size) with barbs at each end
  2. XHW Elastic (extra heavy weight) with barbs at each end
  3. #8 Elastic loop with barb
  4. XHW Elastic (extra heavy weight) loop with barb
  5. #8 Elastic loop with ball
  6. #8 Metallic elastic loop with ball
  7. #8 Elastic loop with metallic tassel
  8. #8 Elastic loop with floss tassel
  9. XHW Elastic small loop with clasp on end, and barb at other end
  10. #8 Elastic loop with knot
  11. Stretch loop with pre-tied bow
  12. Special loop with clasp and ring