Flat Webbing Material

Multiple rolls of flat webbing material in several colors

Elastic Cord & Webbing stocks a variety of flat webbing material, including cotton webbing, polyester webbing, nylon webbing, and polypro webbing. Widths from 3/8” to 4” are available (varies by material type).
All our flat webbing is Instron rated for break/tensile strength, an important consideration for anyone using webbing material to load or secure freight or to suspend anything of significant weight.
Use this handy chart to find the right flat webbing material for your specific application. Or, contact us for assistance in selecting the best webbing material for your needs.

Comparing Flat Webbing Materials

Material Type Price Materials Life Expectancy Available Widths Quality Strength Available Colors


Cotton Webbing

$$$$ Varies 3/8" to 3" Good Fair Limited


Polyester Webbing

$$ Best 7/16" to 4" Good Best Limited


Nylon Webbing

$$$ Best 3/8" to 3" Best Best Wide Variety


Polypro Webbing

$ Shortest 1/2" to 4" Moderate Good Wide Variety


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