Self Adhesive Hook and Loop

Self adhesive hook and loop come with 2 adhesive options: rubber (most popular) and acrylic (available by special order). The adhesive you choose will be based on the substrate or surface to which the sticky back hook & loop (comparable to sticky back Velcro™) will be applied. The adhesives offer varying levels of tack. All of our self adhesive hook and loop is both lead free and latex free.

Either adhesive choice can be fabricated as coins, kisscut, custom die cut, straight cut or straight cut mated face to face. 35 color options in widths ranging from ¼” to 6” are available. Hook and Loop Dots range 3/8” to 1 7/8” diameter

Rubber Adhesive
Tack: Most Aggressive
Cure Time: Quickest
Temp Tolerance: -20C to 60C
Surface Application: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Paper
Price: $
Acrylic Adhesive
Tack: Aggressive
Cure Time: Quick
Temp Tolerance: -20C to 100C
Surface Application: Vinyl, PVC, Wood, Metal, Paper
Price: $$

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