Elastic Cord and Webbing, Inc. is one of the nation’s top cotton herringbone tape suppliers, serving specialty apparel and fashion apparel manufacturers in a wide variety of fields. If you need to purchase bulk cotton herringbone tape for an apparel manufacturing project, we provide many options that can fit your order specifications.

1. Cotton Herringbone Tape Widths

We sell cotton herringbone tape in widths ranging from 1/4-inch all the way to 4 inches, with many measurements in between. Such a wide variety of standard widths can be used in clothing manufacturing, binding and finishing the edges of bags, wallets, cases, apron ties, medical clothing and many other applications.

2. Cotton Herringbone Tape Colors

All of these standard widths can be ordered in direct black, vat-died black, neutral and white. And unlike some cotton herringbone tape suppliers, we can also custom-dye any of our cotton herringbone tape selections for large orders to coordinate with the color of the apparel you’re manufacturing. Be aware that some running is possible on custom-dyed orders.

3. Cotton Herringbone Tape Styles and Tensile Strengths

Cotton herringbone tape is a lighter, thinner material that works in clothing manufacturing where bulk is undesirable. Each width can be ordered in lightweight, medium weight or heavy styles to fit your specifications.

Cotton herringbone tape is also a “green” manufacturing choice that is popular with natural apparel manufacturers and goes well with any type of cotton clothing manufacturing project. It also becomes an additional selling point for companies marketing eco-friendly clothing.

The best way to determine which width, color and weight you need is to call the top cotton herringbone tape suppliers and discuss your needs. You can fill out a request for a custom quote here on Elastic Cord and Webbing, Inc., adding up to two specifications documents. We will get back to you quickly, or you can also call us directly at 847-844-4122.