Three spools of non-stretch cord with colorful tips coming out from the bottom

Non-Stretch Cord

Elastic Cord & Webbing’s non-stretch braided cord is commonly used for industrial applications, in the garment industry, and as decorative cord. We offer non-stretch cord in cut lengths, as tipped pieces, and in spool.
The strength of braided non-stretch cord depends on the cord’s material, weave, and diameter. For example, a basket weave (also known as diamond weave) is stronger than a plain weave. Price is generally dependent on material and diameter. No matter the market or application, diameter is usually chosen based on aesthetics.
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Non Stretch Cord Applications

Applications for non-stretch braided cord are often dependent on the cord’s diameter (or thickness. Common industrial applications for smaller diameter non-stretch cords include:
  • Mason lines
  • Canopy lacing
  • Crab trap lines
  • Fish stringers
  • Starter cords
  • Decoy lines
  • General utility
  • and more
Larger diameter non-stretch cord provides excellent strength and durability, making it ideal for industrial applications such as:
  • Anchor ropes
  • Awning cords
  • Flag halyards
  • Mooring lines
  • Sash cords
  • Sheet ropes
  • Tarpaulin tie down lines
  • and many others

Apparel/clothing applications for non-stretch braided cord include sweatpants, hoodies, and jackets. Stronger non-stretch cord can be used for medical-type ankle supports for athletes, among many other uses.

Non-Stretch Braided Cord Materials


Textured Nylon /Polyester Cord
Strength: Moderate
Typical Industry Use: Apparel, Commercial
Price: Inexpensive
Characteristics: Lofted so it weighs less
Spun Polyester Cord
Strength: Moderate
Typical Industry Use: Apparel, Commercial, Some Industrial
Price: Moderate
Characteristics: Short, twisted staples
Filament Nylon/Polyester Cord
Strength: Strongest
Typical Industry Use: Industrial
Price: Expensive
Characteristics: Straight yarn that is not crimped
Cotton Cord
Strength: Weakest
Typical Industry Use: Apparel, Commercial
Price: Typically most expensive
Spruce Nylon Cord
Strength: Lightweight
Typical Industry Use: Industrial
Price: Least expensive
Characteristics: Made out of textured material

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