Woven Elastic

Choosing the appropriate flat elastic can be difficult. Woven Elastic is the Mercedes of all elastics. “Mercedes” meaning it’s the best. The best means it is the most expensive. Limited production time for manufacturing and double the amount of material are reflected by the price. But that extra material – whether it be a woven polyester elastic or a woven cotton elastic -- is what makes woven elastic so durable. By the very nature of its construction, woven elastics are a high-tension strength material that bends and moves with everyday use but will not narrow when stretched. It is so strong, you can use it on heavyweight fabrics such as car covers, home decorating, strapping etc & meets many military specifications. Because it is elastic, it will stretch, but remember it is also strong, durable and dense so woven elastic will not have as much stretch capacity which means it will retain its width. Select your product from our inventory of woven elastics


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