Nylon Webbing

Flat nylon webbing is one of the most durable, heavy duty webbings on the market. Heavy duty nylon webbing has a tensile strength of 270 to 5,500 pounds per 1-inch width. Polypro, on the other hand, only has about 600 pounds per inch. Nylon webbing is resistant to mildew, aging and abrasion. Nylon webbing will stick at 445 f, melt at 480 f and slightly yellows at 300 f when exposed to sun over 5 hours. You can buy nylon webbing from our stocked supply of widths ranging from 3/8” to 3”. Compare the difference between webbing materials for other options. We carry a variety of mil spec nylon webbing.


Pet collars, Military use, Lifting slings, Climbing harnesses, Child safety

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